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February 2018
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PostSubject: METHODS OF SPACE TRAVEL   Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:40 am


There are dozens of sub-light drives. Such as the ion, electomagnetic and antimatter drives, as well as the classic combustion propulsion. These drives are the most common type used by the civilian populace. Some require more fuel then others, some simply need to charge the engine from time to time. Overall sub-light methods of travel are easy to get a hand on and efficient for inter-planetary travel within a solar system. The fastest models of sub-light drives would be the anti-mater drive. With fast acceleration and minimum fuel usage. Capable of traveling up to 10%-20% the speed of light.

A form of travel developed for early space-travel. After the late 20th century it became increasingly obvious that combustion based propulsion was not effective in long range space travel. The solar sail was invented in the year 2109 AD as an experimental form of travel. Allowing the 1st cryoships to explore inter-stellar space at 40-50% the speed of light. This method of travel is still used by civilians travelling within their own solar system. However it is very expensive and only the wealthy can afford it. Or for long range voyages to neighboring star systems. Despite the name, a solar sail does not always require the energy from the sun to propel it forward. Over time, highly intensified lasers were used when out of the effective range of the sun.

In the late 24th century, man-kind began the construction of numerous star gates. Connected via worm holes, citizens of the sol system where finally able to travel to the outer worlds in a matter of minutes. This method is also more controllable then the tunnel drive. Because the operators have the ability to instantly shut down and re-open any gate on command. Allowing for instant choke points to be established. However in order to activate them, there had to be a gate on both sides, meaning it took double the time to 1st travel to the location via solar sail and then begin construction in the other location as well. So this method was time consuming to construct. but finally, after four hundred years over a dozen connections were made, allowing humanity to expand into further into the stars.

The tunnel drive works by warping space to the point that it generates a worm hole. These worm holes typically stay open for about a minute or so before collapsing. Once a space craft enters the tunnel, the engine generates a field of gravitons which forces the tunnel to stay open. In a sense, "tunneling" through the fabric of space. This short cut through space allows a ship to travel between stars in a matter of hours. Because of the engines vast size, they can only be equipped to large super-carrier/dreadnought sized craft. Therefore it is primarily used by the military. Once in the worm hole allow ships to travel anywhere from 20-30 light years in a day. In the late 29th century, many factions made it illegal for civilians to be in possession of a tunnel drive. Allowing the military to have an upper hand during any civil unrest.

A highly guarded secret by the most ancient of races. Such as the Temporal and Shade. Essentially allows for near instant teleportation anywhere in the universe. Not much is known about this method of travel, but what is known is that no class 3 civilization or lower has ever unlocked the secrets of this power.

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